Arcadia Hotels in tel Aviv
Touring tel Aviv is always unique. The international cultural center and international heritage – the city that never sleeps. This is the home for all those who love the night…

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Burj Al Arab - the most luxurious and famous hotel
This hotel, known worldwide, is located in Dubai. Its name translates from Arabic as Arabic tower, but it looks a little like a tower. Its contours are similar to pressurized…

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In Venice a year and a half after the restoration is opened the famous Hotel Gritti. A night in a Suite costs EUR 9.500.

Venice, the hotel Gritti, October 31, 1948. Ernest Hemingway and his fourth wife, American journalist Mary Welch on the terrace.

Venice is preparing to open one of its best hotels. After a 15-month restoration offer the famous Gritti hotel, a favorite refuge of Ernest Hemingway, which he admired on the Grand Canal.

PROTECTED FROM FLOODING. 35 million euros and the work of hundreds of workers and restorers, disassembled all the furniture in beautiful buildings: chandeliers, mirrors, upholstery, marble floors and walls, silver finish, and then brought together again like a huge puzzle without a single mistake. Hotel door, flood-proof special pool will open on 31 January 2013.

LUXURY 5 STARS. The hotel Gritti Palace di Venezia is one of the most famous in the city. Building on the Grand Canal, where it is located, served as the residence of Andrea Gritti — the Doge of Venice from 1523 To 1538, in the centuries stayed here many famous people: monarchs, famous artists and writers, and in our time here you will feel the spirit of bygone eras.

REFUGE OF THE WRITER. Restorers carefully approached the reconstruction of the Suite, where Ernest Hemingway: 100 square meters, filled with air and light on the Grand Canal framed with moulding,green curtains, embroidered with gold and chandeliers that lit writer, when night falls on Venice. This room became the house of the writer while writing his first novel across the river in the shade of the trees. To spend the night and to touch the history here is no less than to go to the Maldives – 9.500 euros. For the most demanding, the hotel provides an opportunity to rest once in five United suites, 500 square meters.

BLOG CUSTOMERS. The history of the hotel Gritti is felt throughout. Heavy keys of her rooms, the scent of wood, the tinkling of silverware, the warmth of his carpets, the power of the heavy front door only reinforce this impression, attracting many tourists from America, Russia, China and the Persian Gulf. The management of the hotel has created a special blog, telling about how the hotel consists of 61 rooms and 21 suites manages to be vintage but modern, classic but technologically advanced, with heart and soul past in the future.