Hotels from famous movies
Fever for the award "Oscar" is in full swing, so we decided to tell you about the hotels, which became known worldwide after shootings in films. In fact, the hotel…

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Hotel de Russie
The name of one of the best hotels in Rome - Hotel De Russie - not accidentally connected with Russia: this spot was chosen by members of the Imperial Romanov…

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The best beach hotels of the world

One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives.

Indian ocean, 12 sandy beaches 6 km long .

This hotel is located in the Maldives. The founders of the hotel probably thought that on the island a little sand, in order to create the best beach hotel in the world, and brought even a million and a half of coral sand. Thus, they increased the land area by 4 times. In the Maldives, special attention is put clean beaches. Daily beach hotel One & Only Reethi Rah is cleaned of debris that had accumulated all day. The hotel has 130 villas. 98 villas isolating from each other by palm trees and other tropical plants. But the beach is common. The remaining 32 villas are situated in the ocean on stilts. Here you can exit the room and immediately down into the water.

St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Indian ocean, the beach is over 2 km away.

Paradise on earth exists – and this is the island of Bora Bora. There is also the best hotel in French Polynesia – St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora. The construction of each Villa cost the founders $ 1 million, and there are villas in 92. Everyone who was vacationing there, in one voice say that this is the best hotel in the region. On top of the hotel resembles the skeleton of a large animal, but on the ground – tropical garden in which the Villa is nestled with belosnezhnaja and turquoise water. Entertainment here also deserve attention. For example, you can see how they feed the sharks, or book a jeep Safari along the white beaches. You can swim in the lagoon and in the open ocean.

Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Atlantic ocean, beach: 5 km.

This is probably one of the most famous beaches in the world. Here you can meet Tom cruise or Clive Owen. The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart gather their fans. This beach is also one of the most famous hotels in Latin America, the Copacabana Palace Hotel. At different times there were resting many celebrities.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Caribbean sea, the beach is over 1 km away.

In the Caribbean a lot of decent beaches. But awards received by the island and its Provinciales belosnejnaya beaches. This year the island won in the category “best family hotel”. Guests having fun diving and Snorkelling. The hotel Parrot Cay has almost a wild beach. The hotel is not large, decorated in Caribbean style.

Ambassador In Paradise Resort, Philippines.

Sulu sea, beach: 5 km.

In the Philippines is Boracay island. The island is famous for its white sand beach. The sand there is like flour, such as white and fine. And one more peculiarity is that even on the hottest day, the sand is not heated. Also there you can find a lot of shells, the locals make them out to be different Souvenirs and jewellery. Hotel Ambassador In Paradise Resort owns part of the beach.

The South China sea, the beach is over 1 km away.

Sanya is in China at the same latitude Gaviani. This is one of the hottest places to stay in China. The Mandarin Oriental has a private beach Coral Bay. Feature of the beach is that it is surrounded by mountain formations and palm trees that protect the beach from the outside world. You can also explore the beautiful coral reef. The hotel has 296 guest rooms and each is decorated with natural wood and colorful fabrics. With each room overlooking the sea. Infrastructure of the hotel allows a good rest.