Famous hotel in SINGAPORE
The island-the ancient monuments-the state I wanted to learn a long time ago, and many rave reviews only strengthened my view that Singapore is something absolutely unreal and amazing. And…

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The most exclusive hotels in the world
We represent your attention a selection of the most exclusive and unusual hotels in the world . Burj al Arab (UAE). The highest and most expensive hotel on an artificial…

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Odessa Hotels. New affordable accommodation

Hotel in Odessa “De Richelieu” is located in the heart of the historic center of the city. Good location of the hotel makes the stay particularly comfortable and cozy. From here You reach the Odessa Opera and Ballet theatre, Primorsky Boulevard, Deribasovskaya, Railway Station, the famous Privoz market and the Black Sea. Nailing in our city on business, best residence in Odessa than a hotel “De Richelieu” You will not find, because all business meetings, conferences and seminars, generally conducted in the city centre.

Quiet and cozy courtyard, where the hotel creates a special atmosphere of Odessa, brings calm and takes us to the past. Here You will be able to step aside from the everyday bustle of the big city, relax and rejuvenate.

Odessa hotels – guest house “De Richelieu”!

To see our city, feel its romance, to feel like a theater where the passion play, drama, enjoy light blue crazy sky and azure sea – is committed every tourist from any point of the globe. And You are no exception!

If You decide to go on holiday to Odessa. You should carefully examine the properties that give Odessa hotels and Odessa hotels . and then among the existing variety of proposals to choose the one that You podhodite.

It will not be easy, because the number of hotels in Odessa is increasing every year. But I think that learning about the hotel in Odessa “De Richelieu,” You give up the search and decide to stay with us.

At any time of day or night it offers an attentive and caring staff of the hotel in Odessa “De Richelieu”. Our hotel staff will help You navigate the city, book restaurant reservations, call a taxi, order tickets to the theatre and cinema, and most importantly a warm welcome characteristic of Odessa.

A pleasant and comfortable stay of each guest to the guest house “De Richelieu” is our main concern!

vacation in Odessa 2015 – “De Richelieu”!

Hotel in Odessa “De Richelieu” is a renovated and updated old mansion. Thick and strong walls of the building (about 1 meter) will protect You from the noise, give cool in summer and retain warmth in winter. The hotel’s interior is designed in a single elegant style, and all the details chosen with love and taste.

Small and silent hotel in Odessa “De Richelieu” offers apartments of various classes in which they will be able to relax and unwind. Comfortable and bright rooms of the hotel in Odessa “De Richelieu” are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest and accommodation. In each room, ergonomic furniture, large and comfortable beds (bed length over two meters), TV, Internet (WI-FI), hot water (round the clock), bathroom, shower. And if You have the desire to drink a Cup of coffee, read a book or just spend time in the fresh air,will be perfect for our patio to relax.