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Where are the most famous hotels of Spain
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A rating of the best hotels in Spain

Now, when the Spanish economy begins to recover, owners legitimately expect to see growth in bookings and sales growth from corporate customers.

Moreover, business tourism in Spain is gaining momentum. So, Barcelona is not the first year is a leader of business tourism Europe. and in the world rankings “International Conference and Conventions Association” the city is in fourth place.

A year in Barcelona is about 160 international events, salons and exhibitions, and the annual turnover of corporate tourism is at least $ 6 million per year.

Yes what to speak, even the most important in the world (!) international exhibition of business tourism EITBM is held annually in Barcelona.

So to get rental income to corporate clients in Barcelona God himself commanded.

Madrid is only slightly inferior to Barcelona, but also attracts more and more corporate clients, expansion plan, which are held in the city.

What hotels were the most successful in Europe and in Spain?

What you need to focus?

Let’s see what the experts say. Don’t worry – there’s no “British scientists said” will not. Only data from respected international agencies.

Most of the hotels to attract customers include new services, but, as cold statistics, eventually still benefit from the market recovery those institutions that meet three criteria:

offer the best ratio “price-quality”,

have good reviews

well located.

Suggest we look at the ranking of hotels specializing in corporate clients over the past year to get an idea of what tendency exists in Spain. The rating was prepared by the booking service online Hotel o the basis of the preferences of business users and includes only establishments of level four and five stars around the world. las – although the first little while took not the Spaniards, and the hotel in Berlin and hotel Mercure Graz City in Austria, Spanish hotels were in the top Top rankings.

Among the Spanish institutions are leading in the international rating “business of hotels” three hotels, which also occupy the top of the podium in the ranking of “four stars”.


The NH Ribera del Manzanares-Madrid

AC Hotel Guadalajara – Palencia

The Barcelona Princess Hotel, Barcelona

However, there is a more full detailed the most successful (by number of orders and good reviews) “hotels business tourism” in Spain.

A few words about winners

The hotel Barcelona Princess in Barcelona

The Barcelona Princess hotel is situated on Avinguda Diagonal, 1, 08019 Barcelona. It’s just opposite the Forum of Barcelona and the Congress hall. The building itself is a landmark for Barcelona. Due to its outstanding modern architecture (the hotel is designed in avant-garde style), the building is new decoration of the city.

363 rooms, a rooftop pool with panoramic views, beach 10 minutes walk to centre – 15 minutes walk. Two restaurants ( one on the roof with an observation deck), two swimming pools ( same). free SPA and much more.

“The ratio” price-quality is one of the things that are more valued customers, but not the only one”, is pre-empted Gustavo martínez, Director of the NH Ribera del Manzanares, a leader in the Spanish national classification.

“In our case, aspects such as the location in the capital, the silence – the place is ideal for relaxation and great facilities – the keys to in 2015 to keep customers,” he adds.

AC Hotel Guadalajara

If you go to the hotel website, you will not see anything special. Good classic rooms, modern bathrooms, decorated with artificial stone, good food in his own restaurant, free high-speed wireless Internet.

More than 500 recommendations with rating 8.5 points. The hotel is located 30 minutes from the capital, and the price per room – from 60 euros per day. This school is the classic case of the perfect combination of quality, price and reliability for business travel.

How to become a hotel owner in Spain?

To buy a house and register a company in Spain can any citizen of any country, regardless of his place of residence.

To buy the hotel need to have a sum of 1.5 million euros. Already for the money you can buy a house for renovation with 14-16 rooms. While Spain’s banks can Finance the purchase to non-residents up to 60%.

You are still in doubt?

Check the occupancy rate of hotels in the city that you liked. In Spain in the summer to book a hotel is very difficult (to snap up places starting in March), but outside the summer season the occupancy rate is about 40-60% depending on the zone.

However, if you have questions, you can contact us. We will offer you options liquid buy according to your budget and take care of all bureaucratic procedures.