The most famous places in Greece
One of the most famous and beautiful countries in terms of tourism and leisure is Greece. Trips to tour sometimes hard to come by. People in these resort places attract…

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Famous hotel in SINGAPORE
The island-the ancient monuments-the state I wanted to learn a long time ago, and many rave reviews only strengthened my view that Singapore is something absolutely unreal and amazing. And…

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THAILAND: tips, points of interest and the best hotels!

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in South East Asia, located in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula and the Northern part of the Malay Peninsula. Bordered to the East by Cambodia and Laos, to the West by Myanmar and the South — with Malaysia. The name (the word “Thai” (languages) means “freedom”) is quite justified: Thailand — the only country in Southeast Asia which remained independent from European States, while all neighboring countries were colonies of France or the UK.

National flag of Thailand is a flag of five horizontal stripes arranged from top to bottom in this order: red, white, blue, white, red. White and red stripes of equal width while the Central blue – double width. Red stripes symbolize the people as a single nation, the white color is the traditional color of the Buddha and it symbolizes Buddhism as the primary religion of the country and the commitment of the people to the Buddhist traditions, the blue color is the symbol of the Thai monarchy and this band, which is located in the center of the flag represents that nation and its religion are United around the monarch.

The national emblem of Thailand is the image of Garuda. The semantics of this emblem is the source drevneindiysky the epic Ramayana, in motorolapolyphonic as the sage of Sudakshina, praising Frame, described him in one of the embodiments thus: Lord! Your eyes are beautiful like lotuses; my eyes are not able to cover the entire shining the beauty of Your magnificent form. You are the Moon that sheds a cool light, offering a couple of Chakora birds – eye city. You serenely glide, as the heavenly Swan, the quiet surface of lakes shining in the hearts of sages. You are the bird Garuda, which prey – snakes, nesting in the minds of the unbelievers and doubters. One of Your a fleeting look is enough to dismiss the cruelty and deceit, confusion and ignorance.