Hotels Alanya
Alanya (Alanya) - a resort in Turkey and popular, and affordable, so it is easy to choose a hotel room with any income - it is possible to find and…

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Hotels from famous movies
Fever for the award "Oscar" is in full swing, so we decided to tell you about the hotels, which became known worldwide after shootings in films. In fact, the hotel…

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Hotel complex – Abramtsevo

Hotel complex “Abramtsevo” is located in 56 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places of Moscow region . Quite a large area of the Park-hotel’s diverse landscape.

The upper level of the complex is located on the upper area of a beautiful hill . with a magnificent view of the valley of the river Vorya. Here are all the main buildings of the complex: the main building with hotel rooms and a restaurant . bar . pool . bath complex “Terme”, the town house of the Russian log house, divided into five blocks of accommodation, sports and children’s playgrounds .

The lower level is represented by two houses a hotel with 20 rooms and a covered barbecue area, which is located near the shores of Vori. The differential height relative to the upper terrace is about 30 metres. In any season, scenic Park paths, which connect the upper and lower area of the Park-hotel “Abramtsevo” will delight you and your children. The Park hotel Abramtsevo is a great place to start exploring the rich history and culture of this suburban region.

The territory where today is located the complex once belonged to a noble landowner Galushkina . Unfortunately, in the beginning of XX century, his estate boccioleto burned. To our days well preserved only slim lime Avenue – the pride of the hotel complex “Abramtsevo”. The scenic beauty of these places at all times attracted eminent family, artists, musicians, writers.


the Trubetskoys family Church

A five minute drive from the hotel complex “Abramtsevo” is the village of Romney – the former estate of princes Trubetsky . Today in Okhtyrka has been preserved and operates the Trubetskoys family temple in honor of Akhtyrka icons of the Mother of God, built by the famous architect A. Kutepov. This temple is called “Red Church” repeatedly reproduced in his works, the artist Kandinsky. In Okhtyrka rented a cottage and other famous artists – brothers copy them. And, by the way, ahtirskiy the pond depicted in the celebrated picture of Victor Vasnetsov “Alyonushka” .