Hotel complex - Abramtsevo
Hotel complex "Abramtsevo" is located in 56 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places of Moscow region . Quite a…

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Hotels from famous movies
Fever for the award "Oscar" is in full swing, so we decided to tell you about the hotels, which became known worldwide after shootings in films. In fact, the hotel…

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Most unusual hotels

hqdefaultThe hotel room flashed before the eyes of a traveler, leaving no trace in memory. You can draw attention except for the presence or absence of any amenities. Most often it is only a place to stay and rest after a tiring sightseeing day. However, there are hotels that attract by its unusual design or site conditions. If we talk about design, we can note the hotels of Novy Urengoy. using unusual original design style of the rooms. Such of interesting to see, even if you do not live in them.

At Cape Cornwall in Scotland, the hotel beacon. Once lived in these places smugglers. Light a fire on the shore they were hit by ships off course. The sailors were sure that I was going to light the lighthouse and flew over the coastal cliffs. The lighthouse was built on the Cape in the 19th century. Technical progress has made the work of the beacon is completely Autonomous, and the vacated premises were converted into hotel rooms and a restaurant.

What can you say about the hotel is the plane? “Boeing 727”, worn, turned into hotel in Costa Rica. In the national Park “Manuel Antonio” the plane received its last place of residence and ready to receive tourists. The original idea to use the plane came in golovyne only Costa Rica, but also in Sweden. Here, “the Boeing 747” Jumbo converted into a Hostel with 25 rooms. Located unusual hotel at Arlanda airport in Stockholm.

Every winter in Sweden and Canada build hotel complexes of ice. Villages of snow houses can be found in the resorts of the Alps and Pyrenees. Igloo, created of snow and decorated by designers, can accommodate up to 6 people. Interesting ice house built in Norway. The hotel has a bar, where all dishes were made of ice. It serves only one drink – blue vodka. The inside temperature does not drop below 7 degrees Celsius. In Sweden ice castle takes about 85 spaces. This includes the hall, chapel, bar and restaurant. In the interior rooms used ice sculptures and furniture. The beauty of these hotels is that every year they look fresh.

In France, in Nantes built hotel “Hamster”, which consists of only one room. According to the designer, people who settled here, must feel like a real hamster. The design of the room is quite peculiar: on the bed need to climb the wobbly rope ladder, instead of a wash basin installed a barrel of water, has a container with a selected grain. But the main achievement of the creators consider it a great wheel in which to run.

On Fiji underwater hotel, located at a depth of 15 meters. The beautiful rooms are a capsule, with walls made of transparent acrylic resin with a thickness of 100 mm.

A huge hotel in the trees located in Brazil near the Rio Negro. At a height of 15 meters from the crowns of tropical trees built towers, between which padded hinged track. The hotel can offer more than 200 rooms.