"Martinez" (Cote d'azur, Cannes)
The world famous Martinez hotel shortly after its opening in 1929 was among the best hotels in France. Here to stay like the stars of show business. Guests were Gerard…

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FAIRMONT HOTELS & RESORTS announces the opening of a new luxury hotel
Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv opened an international hotel operator Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, as the first Eastern European hotel brand Fairmont. It Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv opened an international hotel…

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Unusual hotels for tourists vacationing in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe: interesting architecture, rich history, tourist attractions – the country attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and offers excellent conditions for accommodation.

Find out what life was like in the middle Ages without the Internet and TV

In the Czech Republic recently opened hotel located in a real medieval castle. Hotels-castles in the country quite a lot, but this one is interesting because it offers the opportunity to live in the conditions in which people lived in the middle Ages. Don’t wait for service, it is not there!

The hotel has no TV and access to the Internet. But if surfing the Net and watching TV series during leisure, you can safely refuse, the lack of electric lighting, and the soul is already a real problem. The rooms have no beds, instead of them to relax (if you can call it rest) on a wooden shelf. Most of the unusual features of this hotel include curious tourists, eager to experience new sensations and to diversify the rest.

Other castle hotels operating in the Czech Republic, offer tourists a much more comfortable accommodation: luxury apartments, the excellent service and restaurants serving delicious dishes to nationalgeneral. If you are interested in booking hotels in the Czech Republic. use service, which picks up the best deals by comparing prices at major services.

Comfortable rooms in a former windmill and the tower

In Prague, works hotel One Room Hotel, one of the local attractions. Tourists are offered accommodation in the building of the TV tower. Single room premium-class is located at an altitude of about 70 meters, and through the panoramic Windows offers a magnificent view of the city.

The cost of living in such a room is rather high, but luxury is enjoyed by tourists very popular, so need to book it a few weeks, and even months in advance.

Want to learn more about the Czech Republic? Then, visit the hotel “Bukovynska mill” (Moravia). Once in the hotel was really a mill, but today, equipped with comfortable rooms decorated in traditional Czech style. The school created a special atmosphere: the friendly owners themselves welcome guests at the reception, the restaurant serves wine from its own cellar. The interior is decorated with antique furniture and paintings, which depict beautiful places in Moravia.