Hotel complex - Abramtsevo
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Arcadia Hotels in tel Aviv
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Last-minute trips to the Dominican Republic

The tours to Dominican Republic with departure from Moscow will be of interest to those who love beach holidays and occasionally it alternates with excursions and forays to the shops. It can be enough to lie on white sand and swim in the crystalline sea water, sitting in one of the lagoons.

The climate in this country is quite humid, but the breezes soften the heat. Short frequent showers continued in may-September, sometimes to December. The hottest time is August.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature you can participate in one of the carnivals or the Caribbean holidays and enjoy the historic buildings in the local town of Santo Domingo. Here you can visit the magnificent Cathedral, a tobacco Museum, the first monastery in the Dominican Republic, book a tour to the famous tobacco factory and just walk through the streets, passing by colonial palaces. And in La VEGA, once the former residence of the Spanish king, you will find the Shrine of our lady of Las Mercedes.

Enjoy the extraordinary beauty of waterfalls can near the island of Samana and Jarabacoa. There are fans of climbing can conquer the highest point of the Antilles – Pico Duarte. In Saona diving.

Near sloganize with Haiti is unique in the world of the cave “Three-eye”, go to 15 meters into the ground. Willing to go down will see sulphide lake blue and will probably get a lot of impressions.

Be sure to visit one of the summer festivals in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata or to participate in the February competitions on Cabarete.

To move between the attractions by bus, minibus or taxi. And before you sit in a taxi, you should negotiate with the driver the fare. Counters in such machines not.

Feature stay in the Dominican Republic is the lack of possibility to pay with Euro or dollars, since it only accept the local peso. You can get it when you exchange at a Bank or in your hotel. In many places accept cards. An interesting feature also is the attitude of the Dominicans to gewecke – it is possible not only to get back in change, but also safely pay instead of trivia.

Any specific prohibitions in the Dominican Republic, but there are some important rules: behave respectfully when communicating with the local population and Topless sunbathing only on the beach of your hotel.

Those who are while traveling always takes a couple of hours for shopping, pleasantly surprised with a variety of Souvenirs that you can bring from the Dominican Republic: wooden items, jewelry made of amber, bone, ceramics, Dominican turquoise, parrot figurines, paintings and dolls. They are sold on the beaches and in retail stores, some of which are open “till the last client”.

Here you can purchase quality clothes and shoes. When bargaining it is possible to reduce the initial cost up to half.

Dominican cuisine features an unusual combination of local recipes with African and European. The focus is on legumes, vegetables and bananas, supplemented by fish or meat. You should try traditional dishes such as beef stew with plantains, rice and beans (Bandera), roast pork (puerco-EN-Puja) and very thick soup (asopao). Surprisingly, seafood and fish in this country are not very popular.

Among Dominican rum alcohol especially popular (brands “Barcelo”, “Brugal” and “Bermudez”), beer (“the President”, “Quisqueya”, “Bohemia”, “Senise”) and the traditional drink, which is only do here – “pru” (Nastoyascheye and fermented juice of the same plant).

Interestingly, johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow, bought the Caribbean sea, one of the Islands of the archipelago.

View on pristine nature and unusual attractions of this country along with “Alnatura”. We will always help you in choosing tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow.