Unusual hotels in Amsterdam
When choosing a hotel in Amsterdam, to advise travelers can one of unusual hotels or hostels. Most often these institutions have interesting architecture and unique interior design of the rooms,…

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Hotel Nikolaevskiy Rostov-on-don - cozy, like a house
Where to stay in Rostov-on-don? Today, the answer is no doubt: in the hotel "Nikolaev" . which was recently rated 4 stars. This implies high culture and quality of service,…

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Famous hotel in SINGAPORE

The island-the ancient monuments-the state I wanted to learn a long time ago, and many rave reviews only strengthened my view that Singapore is something absolutely unreal and amazing. And here, catch something very good tickets to Hong Kong, I decided that this is a great chance to realize my dream and attend the coveted Singapore transit from Hong Kong to Thailand. What I can say in the end? I’m incredibly pleased that on a transit visa in Singapore you can spend no more than 96 hours, i.e. 3 days and I have not had the opportunity to stay longer and spend more money in this, not to be very interesting.

Don’t even know what I did not like in Singapore . What if all the world famous and formidable laws banning chewing gum, feeding birds, sitting, lying and just being in the wrong place etc etc. here was not so clean and tidy, as you would imagine. Even when traveling from the airport on the collective transfer, when the driver, dropping off the first passenger several times asked again if they are here, we are impressed by its thoroughness. But after what appeared behind the corner the prostitute (and it’s broad daylight!), and behind it a bevy clearly not sober or under some tranquilizers locals, we understood the reason for his excitement. An elderly European couple clearly did not read something in pisanovskogo at that time they have managed to stay in one of the blighted areas . And that was the first shock, I then, naive, thought that Singapore may not be such places.

Next disappointment was the fact that all those “famous” and “must-visit” places that I so carefully picked, not at all impressed. And it’s not that I was such a spoiled lot and just seen that little what all can admire, not at all. Like me, for example, our native Yaroslavl after visiting all these Asia-Europe-Americas and even there some will go, but Singapore does not actually hooked . So to the second point, not shocking, of course, but not conducive to the emergence of positive feelings for Singapore include perfect is not interesting all the most well-known and publicized places. To go now I will not because I plan it all separately describe, except to say that neither the famous Marina Bay Sands . or avatar trees in the Park Gardens by the Bay . neither great wheel nor on Sentosa island I have conquered. The only place that somehow spatulae experience from the rest was the Singapore zoo . here it was really a pleasure of pleasures, here I would may be even this far went. can be. ever.

Well, the main thing that pushed me away from it, many loved, and many struck, is its artificiality. Herself don’t even know how to describe in words but really try to convey their emotions. There is, for example, cities such as new York . Hong Kong . San Francisco, CA . my favorite is Bangkok . which hardly be called exemplary. There’s a lot of garbage, the eternal vanity, a lot of marginal and unpleasant personalities, traffic jams, polluted air and another set of any unsavory factors, but this is the city to life. Here you can go for some strange and not nice outside and accidentally stumble upon a small well-kept Park, or accidentally go off the tourist trail and get in a comfortable and peaceful sleeping area. In General, you can just walk around and feel part of this city pretend to be a local to sit in the Park on the same lawn with the same sandwiches, strolling along the promenade, where the townspeople evening jog or walk their dogs, have a snack in the heart of the business quarter, surrounded by office workers going out to get some fresh air. From this and formed the spirit of the city and it then remains in the memories.

Now the spirit of Singapore, I do not feel, it seemed to me that there is nothing designed specifically for local residents, and all aimed only at attracting tourists. As if the local authorities wanted at all did not surpass other countries in the scale and exoticism of the attractions, built a huge hotel with one of the highest pools in the world, has built a whole island devoted to all sorts of entertainment, erected a large glowing trees and had not considered that story a couple of years to create. After all, why millions of tourists annually visit the Pyramids in Cairo? Certainly not because a few years ago, someone decided that it would be nice to poke boulders to tourists on pleasure, but because it’s legend, history, mystery.

Singapore . of course, with a history of no luck, no unique antiquity from our ancestors have not got, but attempts to artificially create something sverhuspeshnogo, in my opinion, look ridiculous. And in the end we have not very clean, not very pleasant, but very odd and not comfortable city with no history, no atmosphere, no soul.