Known hotel chains will open hotels in Krasnaya Polyana
Two well-known hotel chain announced the construction of hotels in Sochi for the Olympics-2014. Both hotels will open to year-round ski resort "Gorki-Gorod". First, in 2013, will open its doors…

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Hotels Alanya
Alanya (Alanya) - a resort in Turkey and popular, and affordable, so it is easy to choose a hotel room with any income - it is possible to find and…

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Hotels with ghosts

Haunted hotels around the world enjoy great popularity. If you vacation is not only relaxing, but also an opportunity to get a thrill, you can go to one of the unusual hotels. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most sinister and frightening hotels in the world, stay in which can tickle even the most daring and brave guests. They say that it is ruled by ghosts. Learn about these hotels and decide to avoid you visiting or already in a hurry to leave the room. So, 10 hotels, terrifying:

The most interesting haunted hotels

1.Hotel haunted Chillingham Castle, in Chillingham, in the North of England, County Northumberland.

Originally the castle was of strategic importance, it was built to repel the onsets of the Scots during the reign of Edward I. Historically, that Chillingham became a place of suffering and torture. Here was hanged, beheaded and Zamorano hunger a lot of people. Tell scary Ghost stories, which are often seen in the castle a lot of people. In the end, the castle is often visited by the paranormal.

2. The hotel Queen Mary, long beach, California, USA

Queen Mary is a cruise liner that is now permanently moored near Los Angeles, in long beach. It was a luxurious ship, it is now converted into a hotel. Several eyewitnesses saw in this hotel of ghosts. For example, the Ghost of the pool,where he drowned two passengers. Even on the ship there is another “couple” ghosts: an elderly gentleman and a young girl in a white beautiful dress. The hotel even it was decided not to use some of the cabins, as there regularly occur mysterious and unexplained phenomena.

3. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, USA, Colorado

Hotel Stanley has received worldwide fame thanks to the famous Stephen king, which is specially used to stop here to draw inspiration for writing his novel “the Shining”. The Stanley Hotel is in a national Park and Rocky Mountain to get to it is quite difficult.

4. Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California, USA

Hotel del Coronado in the late 19th was one of the elite hotels in San Diego. The most mysterious death that occurred in these places, that the death of Kate Morgan. Her body was found on the territory of the hotel right on the steps leading to the beach. Her spirit remained in the room where she lived at 302. In fairness it should be noted that the strange phenomena take place not only in this room but throughout the hotel.

5. The haunted hotel Diplomat Hotel, Baguio, Philippines

Originally, this building housed the Seminary, but during the Second world war it was occupied by deserters fleeing the Japanese army. In the end, Japanese troops blew up a building with people inside. In 1947 destroyed building was restored, and in 1873 it was purchased the network Diplomat Hotels. At night, employees and guests of not only alarmed by the strange sounds, but they still had to deal with unexplained and frightening phenomena. After the death of the Manager, spiritual healer Tony Agpaoa, the hotel ceased its operation, but people come here still wanting to “communicate” with spirits.

6. Crescent Hotel, Eureka springs, Arkansas, USA

Crescent Hotel is considered from all hotels in the United States the most populous. There are at least eight ghosts roam. The majority of people ever been here, recognizes that this place is really terrible. Once this building housed the hospital, where doctors treated cancer patients by not absolutely traditional methods. Today, guests often see ghosts doctors and patients that look amazingly real.

7. The hotel with the ghosts of the Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel Canada, Alberta.

This historic building located in a national Park Banff, which is one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO. But, its amazing architectural beauty and the elegance of the interior decoration is deceptive. About the hotel a poor publicity. For example, in one of the rooms of the hotel, room 873, on the walls there were traces of children’s handprints. At the next renovation entrance to this room was bricked up as if it never happened.

8. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, in Los Angeles, California, USA

There are people who claim that in this hotel there is a Ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Many people think this is fiction, but history repeats itself, the Ghost of Marilyn see new people at the nightclub or the pool. Another well-known ghostly resident of the actor Montgomery Clift. Many people who have to stay on the 9th floor of the hotel, said that on this floor often hear the game sounds for brass, and it was a favorite tool of the actor.

9. The haunted hotel Hoshi Ryokan, Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture

Hotel for 46 generations was owned by one Japanese family. Probably because of this, the spirits here are quite ancient, also related century to the 14th. Many legends go about this place. Throughout the hotel there are many signs and magical artifacts. Location, Hoshi Ryokan is also very gloomy, today is the worst hotel in Japan.

10. Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay, Jamaica