Known hotel chains will open hotels in Krasnaya Polyana
Two well-known hotel chain announced the construction of hotels in Sochi for the Olympics-2014. Both hotels will open to year-round ski resort "Gorki-Gorod". First, in 2013, will open its doors…

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For the adventurous – known haunted hotels
Blue boy, a severed hand and a host of other horrors haunt of tourists in the historic hotels of great Britain. A cold wind appeared out of nowhere, strange sounds,…

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Where are the most famous hotels of Spain

Spain attracts tourists with opportunities for beach tourism, and urban. The hotel infrastructure of the country Spa hotels and resorts luxury and upscale hostels – simple and very inexpensive. Accommodation is possible and economical, and that guarantees all the pleasures of life at one point. For nature lovers, open campsites, which are located near the famous lakes.

Tourists have the chance to choose among the wide range of proposals for every taste, any budget. Traditional and authentic places await travelers willing to provide the rest and all the amenities for living. Spain is loved by many tourists from all over the world. The country is ready to offer a variety of institution, the level of cost depends not only on the class of the location, but also on the seasonal factor. Modern hotels Spain is ready to offer a wonderful and worthy options for those who do not like to save. Best offers high-end.

The most prestigious options are classified as five star, most of them will work on a “all inclusive”. Rest meets the friendly and helpful staff, stylish rooms and a private beach, equipped with everything necessary. A number of additional services will also be offered to guests. The most popular part of Spain is called Costa Dorada. Here guests izutsuya known complexes. Place – a concentration of five-star hotels, it is a Mecca for the most famous and rich people.