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The most famous places in Greece

One of the most famous and beautiful countries in terms of tourism and leisure is Greece. Trips to tour sometimes hard to come by. People in these resort places attract great hotels, the cleanest beaches, and, of course, ancient monuments of culture, located under the open sky.

Yes, Greece has a huge number of Ancient monuments. Probably anyone who has visited this amazing country, would like to visit all these beautiful places. But often, unfortunately, because of lack of time or funds, this action. Preferably before you arrive, you need to consider a plan with specific places to study.

Consider the most famous places in Greece

To be more precise, the Acropolis – and its most basic attraction – the temple of “Parthenon”. There are other famous temples such as “Erection”, “August”, “Agora”. And, of course, world famous theatre of Dionysus, in ancient Greece after the performances, Gladiator fights were held.

On this island you can visit the cave named in honour of Zeus. According to the legend, the God of Olympus, was born here. There is a beautiful old Palace “of Knossos”, which was built about 1500 years ago. But most of all, Crete offers some of the most beautiful beaches. Especially on the lake Kournas, where before eyes appear attractive landscapes and very clean, almost prozrachnaja.

The Peninsula Of Halkidiki

Halkidiki got its fame thanks to these mountains, as Olympus and Athos. Here are the monasteries “the Meteora”, the ruins of the ancient cities of Dion and Vergina. But the cave in “Petralona” attracts with its amazing stalagmites and stalactites.

Here the main attraction is the capital city of Corfu, which was founded in the VIII century. In the palaces “of Ahilian” and “Mouse island” are a great many excursions, including sea.

Of course, this is far from all places of the ancient Greece . When considered in financial terms, then you can relax a large number of people, without significant losses for the purse. Souvenirs and gifts also, you can buy “at every step”. Modern Greece is a country with a developed infrastructure. Each city has many shopping and entertainment centers, various restaurants and cafes, hotels and Greece is very affordable and will suit everyone can afford. In short, a perfect place for a holiday.