The best hotels of the world
Founded in 1928, the Leading Hotels of the World unites a network of more than 430 hotels, resorts and spas in 80 countries. The founders of the company were influential…

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The hotel famous celebrities
France is the endless possibilities for travel and we not only offer group tours to France , individual tours, including a visit to the French Riviera (the calculation under request).…

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Senturia recommends: most unusual hotels

The company “Senturia”, a reliable guide in the world of travel and recreation that knows all about hotels around the world, presented an overview of the most unusual of the newly opened hotels.

At the airport of Doha (capital of Qatar) rich passengers will soon be able to get from the airport to your destination, it is not straining and keeping incognito.

The idea for this unusual project belongs to the architect Margot Krasojevic and created a hotel for one rich man. But in the near future opportunity will be available to all comers who are willing to pay a mind-boggling score for a personal designer bed with a roof, on wheels, with toilet and bath in a luxurious packaging.

The design of the hotel is exclusive and absolutely futuristic. The roof is designed in such a way that creates a kind of tunnel from the Trapp plane to the entrance of a fancy hotel. Passenger privacy is guaranteed.

The unusual feature of the hotel and to use innovative technologies and high-tech materials that allow the different sections of the hotel to move. Special glass rates create unusual visual effects. In addition, the project provides a system for collecting and filtering dodemaide.

Quaint room is the Curtis hotel in Denver. Inflatable room is located at a height of 6 meters above the ground. Currently the room is “hung” on one of the lots of Denver, but according to the owner, will constantly change their location to install it will be on different parks of the city.

For a night spent in this room, you will have to pay $50 thousand Into this quite a solid amount includes many additional services. Everyone who is held in a rubber room at least for one night, as a gift gets earrings and a pendant with diamonds. A nice memorable gift would be a tablet latest model, and fans of noisy parties will provide the evening Banquet at the hotel Curtis.

Inflatable room is fully equipped, and despite its more than modest size (1.4 to 2.1 meters) it has all necessary for comfortable stay: furniture, shower and a composting toilet. Guests inflatable rooms must consider a lot of important nuances. It is worth remembering that the total weight of guests must not exceed 200 kg. besides in the room a strict ban on Smoking and alcohol use. The project organizers are confident that number will be of unusual interest to tourists.

For customers who want to feel more connected to the story in the UK has created an unusual hotel Spitbank Fort, situated in the old Fort, which the nineteenth century defended the port from attacks by the French Navy. Unique Fort that is surrounded by the sea, and the distance to the shoreline leaves 1.6 km away.

During the Second world war the building was virtually destroyed and has ceased to perform its direct functions. In the 1990s, the Fort was restored. First, there opened up a nightclub, and later Spitbank Fort became a place of filming of the TV show. In 2010, Forte has carried out a major reconstruction, turning it into a luxury hotel. Now Spitbank Fort can comfortably accommodate 18 guests. Night in this hotel will cost guests £ 350, you can rent the whole hotel.