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Unusual hotels in Switzerland

How to relax in Switzerland and not to leave all your savings, you ask? The answer is simple – welcome to unusual hotels in Switzerland. The Mongolian Yurt, the house-nest on the tree, an old castle or a hotel-prison – here is a small list of unusual hotels of Switzerland. There is no gloss and exclusive furniture. However, to forget seen you are unlikely to succeed!

So what are these hotels Switzerland at affordable prices?

A new trend of modern Europe came to Switzerland. The old building of the prison in 1862, which were in use until 1998 was restored and used as a hotel with a twist. The hotel is the Jailhotel Loewengraben prison or Jailhotel 2* in the heart of Lucerne, one of the must visit tourist centers.

What should we be ready? There is no mini-barai satellite TV. Old spiral stairway leads into the hallway, where a massive door was closed and bolted, and the food slipped under the door. The bars are now locked to avoid absurd jokes from the neighboring “chambers-rooms”. The doors are equipped with electronic locks, and gate valve at the bottom of the door for feeding systems – closed, because the hotel has a canteen. And yet, once in the room, you probably will not desire to close the door. The room is small, but at the expense of the equipment inside the bathroom became smaller, twin beds, small window with bars, a sink that is the whole comfort that you can count on. However, the hotel is very popular! It attracts people from all over the world. And about 70% of the rooms are regularly filled with students from the USA. The hotel has 133 beds. Summer to remove a chamber with two beds for 136 euros with Breakfast. If a little to fork out, you can stay in the room of the prison, though the bars on the Windows is even there, and the comfort a little more obvious.

This unusual hotel is located in the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. Houses-birdhouses glazed homes or nests with all amenities hanging on trees at a height of 5-8 meters above the ground. The cabins are designed for 2 – 4 people. The price of 137 euros per double cabin. Inside there is a shower, toilet, own kitchen and even a wood stove.

Underground hotel

Once a military bunker of secrecy, and now the underground hotel, located near the mountain massif Gotthard. In the hotel you can retire and rest from external stimuli. Finally your phone will stop working, because the network inside the bin does not catch, and no TVs. Gloss is also no toilets and showers are in the hallway, in the room only two beds, bedside table, sink and mirror. Door no locks, and the restaurant is a glass cube, Haute cuisine. This place is chosen for the seminars, and also hungry for intimacy.

The Fortress Of Rotberg

The location of the castle – Mariastein in the Canton of Solothurn. This fortress is a true embodiment of romantic dreams. Once the beloved Napoleon lived in this castle. Now it is open for all comers, most of whom are young people. The hotel even received the informal name “the youth”. Lunches and dinners are served in a real knight’s hall, a spiral staircase ascends to the top of the tower. There are spacious rooms for two or more people.

Night in the hut at a height of 2395 meters

To sleep there, you first need to ascend, to climb up will take about 4 hours. Your efforts though and will require fairly good health, but do not be deceived expectations, because the summit offers a wonderful and breathtaking view over the valley of Binntal. To stay at the cabin maybe 20 people, offer full Board, for only 60 euros per day.

The ice Kingdom Igloo village

The skiers will surely enjoy the village Igloo or Iglu – dorf. The combination of ice and snow of coolness and romance that can be created in such circumstances will impress and will be remembered forever. Snowy houses with sleeping bags, carved sculptures on the snow ceiling, a restaurant and a Jacuzzi in the ice, numerous ski slopes – what more do you need for an unforgettable holiday?

The night in the hayloft farm

Perhaps the most Spartan and cheap type of holiday in Switzerland. The fact that many are traveling the country by Bicycle, and help local farms in the mountains are ready to provide your barn for the night. Of course, sleep is only possible in the summer, because the winter is too cold. The cost of lodging minimum 20 euros for a shed. The barn and indoor are very comfortable, but still suitable for lovers of these activities.

It’s not all that can offer you Switzerland. Fascinating, amazing country, where there are areas with untouched beauty. At the same time, it is Switzerland – a place where I appreciate the quality and achieve peaks in many industries. Welcome to Switzerland!