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Hotels from famous movies

Fever for the award “Oscar” is in full swing, so we decided to tell you about the hotels, which became known worldwide after shootings in films. In fact, the hotel is only a decoration, but many of them add picture, not only the charm but also mysteriousness of what is happening. No wonder many Directors often use hotels as one of the hero — silent but understanding.

The hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, USA

“In jazz only girls”

The island on which it is built, this hotel is considered to be a respectable suburb of San Diego. This is the area for filming his film has chosen the famous Director Billy Wilder. Built in 1888 the hotel “Del Coronado” has long been considered the best beach hotel of America!

Restaurants, Victorian architecture and the hotel’s location still attracts people from all over the world. In 2012 was completed a Grand renovation, which cost its owners $ 8 million, but it’s nothing compared to what celebrities like to stay in a hotel, and how much money they leave here.

Clients of the hotel were the personalities of various sizes. Among them were even American presidents, English princes and other members of the Royal dynasties. Here lived Frank Baum, the author of takagisugeno as the “Wizard of Oz”.

Prince Charles of Wales often comes up here on vacation. Brad pitt with family is also one of the hotel regulars. Room rates here are not that high as it might seem at first glance. For $ 250 you can rent a very comfortable room, and for a hotel of this class it is rather low price.

Hotel-Round, or, USA

The hotel Stanley, estates Park, USA

“The shining”

These two hotels have become major actors in the filming of the famous film by Stanley Kubrick “the Shining”. The film’s protagonist — Jack TORRANCE in the performance of Jack Nicholson arrived in an elegant secluded hotel to work caretaker during the off-season with his wife and son. After that, strange things happen.

Stephen king, the author of the work was very much inspired by the stay in the hotel Stanley . located close to National Park rocky mountain in estates Park, Colorado. It was there that he researched paranormal activity, which was subsequently embodied in the film “the Shining”.

Hotel-Round was used as the very place, where he arrived with his family hero Jack Nicholson. The room in which there was a great event, had a room 217, but the hotel owners asked the filmmakers to replace one number to 237 because of the fear that future guests will be afraid to stay in this “cursed” room.

But as shown, many tried to get in this room to get a little touch of extraordinary to the world of cinema.

The hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville. Spain

“Lawrence Of Arabia”

This hotel, built in 1928 and was filmed a few key scenes of world famous film by David lean “Lawrence of Arabia”. The film tells about the legendary hero of the First world war — a British spy te Lawrence, in force among the Arab tribes and lead them in a campaign against the Turks.

The hotel and it was considered a symbol of the city, combining elements of different cultures: Andalusian, Spanish and Moorish, but after the movie he started to literally beat all records for attendance. 147 rooms recreate different eras of Seville and Spain.

From Baroque to Castiglioncello and Moorish styles — all units are furnished with authentic Antiques, and walls in a luxurious mix of silk and linen.

In 2012 was completed a Grand renovation, which spent about $ 25 million, whereupon he built a new restaurant, bar and additional Seating for guests. In the same year the film celebrated its 50-year-old, which marked the release of the digital version of the film, which premiered directly at the hotel Alfonso XIII.
The hotel Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Operation Argo”

Hotel the Beverly Hilton — located in the heart of Beverly hills, steps from Rodeo drive. near Hollywood. Perhaps that is why he has to carry their high status just like the celebrities who rest in it.

Created in 1955 by Conrad Hilton, great grandfather “socialite” Paris Hilton. And according to his idea, the Beverly Hilton was built just for stars. Here rested all of the Hollywood elite, famous musicians and presidents.

In the past 35 years in a row here to hold the award ceremony “Golden globe” . and after 11 February 2012, died here Whitney Houston, the hotel was hastily added to the list of Los Angeles area attractions.

Directed by Oscar-winning film “Operation Argo” Ben Affleck decided to give the hotel an opportunity to Shine in the movie and filmed there several scenes, including the one when the CIA officers communicate with members of Hollywood about the possibility of starting a bogus shooting sci-Fi movie to rescue diplomats from Iran.

The hotel Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Pretty woman”

Starring role for Julia Roberts almost entirely took place in the interiors of the Beverly Wilshire, which is located in the heart of Beverly hills, at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, and near the “Golden Triangle” formed by the street Rexford Drive, boulevards Wilshire and Santa Monica, opening vast opportunities for fans to browse the shops and boutiques.

Once a hotel in the Italian Renaissance style, built in 1928, now owned by the Four Seasons . Here, in the presidential Suite of the unfolding love story of a ruthless businessman in the performance of Richard Gere and the prostitute in the person of Julia Roberts.

After painting the hotel so firmly became associated with the film that many in Los Angeles, simply specify it as the place where they filmed “Pretty woman” . In our days in the hotel with almost 400 guest rooms, including 137 suites. Room rates start from $ 180.

“Lost in translation”

Director Sofia Coppola chose the Park Hyatt as the location for the filming of his tapes, inspired by the magnificent view that opens from its Windows. Chaotic shiny neon light, the hotel emphasizes the loneliness of the main characters who are trying to get out of this vicious circle.

General Manager at Philip PI-Desac said that despite the fact that it’s been 10 years since the release of this film, but for people still remains a strong associative link Tokyo and Park Hyatt.

The hotel is located in the heart of the business district of Shinjuku Tokyo and occupies the last 14 floors of the 52-storey Shinjuku Park Tower . The hotel’s interiors combine the elegance of modern style and Japanese tradition. There are 177 comfortable rooms of different categories, including 154 Deluxe rooms and 23 suites.

All the rooms are located on the last 11 floors of the building, equipped with the latest technology and are decorated in an elegant modern design: pastel colors, soft lighting and elegant décor, the Windows offer a breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline from the Kanto plain to the top of mount Fuji.

The hotel and villas Round hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica

“Hobbies Of Stella”

In 1998 on the territory of 100 acres of beautiful hotel Round hill were shooting a romantic painting “the Passions of Stella” . in which Stella Payne, a highly successful businesswoman, and her best friend, Delilah go to Jamaica for the beautiful blue sea and white sand. And soon Stella meets a young handsome black. The only thing that confuses, — 20-year age difference.

Would be very hard to find some other place for such a love story, not a hotel Round hill . It sits on a private beach in Montego Bay, close to Golf Tryall club. Round hill is located on a hill with lush palm trees and tropical gardens running down to the white sandy beach.

This is the first large resort in the Caribbean, which is a combination of colonial style architecture, exotic flowers and crystal clear ocean.

Hotel Palacio, Estoril, Portugal

“The secret service of her Majesty”

Many hotels used in the filming tapes about James bond. but few could match his character. Hotel Palacio, built in the 1930s in the Portuguese Estoril was the place where going to the spies, “gray cardinals” and many other people related to politics, because during the Second world war Portugal was a neutral country, and therefore could, to accept all without exception.

Here played at the casino, drinking whiskey and revealed each other secrets. It was there that the author of James bond Ian Fleming . at that time a young British intelligence officer of the Navy, talked with some of these colorful characters. Therefore, to remove the picture “On the secret service of her Majesty” it was decided in Portugal.

We will see the famous beaches, and the Bay of Cascais. And what is most remarkable, so far this hotel is doing the exact same cocktail of bond vodka Martini that should be shaken, not stirred.