The most unusual hotels in the world
"We have compiled a list of unique and unusual hotels from around the world . They can be found from Bavaria to Zanzibar. Go on a journey completely different from…

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Unusual hotels in Amsterdam
When choosing a hotel in Amsterdam, to advise travelers can one of unusual hotels or hostels. Most often these institutions have interesting architecture and unique interior design of the rooms,…

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For the adventurous – known haunted hotels

Blue boy, a severed hand and a host of other horrors haunt of tourists in the historic hotels of great Britain.

A cold wind appeared out of nowhere, strange sounds, barely audible steps right behind them. Living conditions, which for one person will be chilling horror, another traveler will be great fun.

If you still don’t know to which of these two groups feel about, test yourself by visiting one of the hotels, which will be discussed later. The answer to the question of the night will come quickly enough, for example, when you hear the groans or the rattle of iron chains. And that’s not the worst…

The hotel Miskin Manor in Cardiff . the city – County UK, very suitable for lovers of ghosts. It is here that constantly heard the sound of footsteps, which, of course, can be explained by the usual creaking of the old floor. But how to explain that suddenly in a warm room the cold wind sweeps?

On the second place among the worst hotels George Hotel is located in Gatica . Here rude night guard, who was treacherously poisoned in the 17th century. To this day you can hear the clink of glasses in the empty dining room and no logic these sounds not to explain.

In Warwickshire, the hotel Brownsover Hall . also strange events: in the library pojavljajutsja spot. Staff reported that a long time ago one of the inhabitants of the castle in the library’s hand was cut off, and the poor guy died from blood loss. But does that explain the fear is reduced?

One of the strangest and most intriguing hotels on the island can be called built in the 12th century Chillingham castle in Northumberland. Guests of the hotel, leaving, they say that castle wanders a lot of ghosts.

Blue boy is very famous in England, the Ghost, at night, emitting heart-rending cries. And the Ghost Lady Mary Berkely, live-in, select at night from your portrait. Still in the corridors and stairwells of the castle quite distinctly hear the rustling of her dress.

Note that all of these oddities in the English hotels are not artificially created sound effects and show. This plexus of legends grim, violent fantasies and the incident actually stories. Something mysterious, illusive indeed present in the walls of castles, which then became a haven for tourists. According To Service Of The Continents.