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Best hotels in the world — the concept is vague and is always defined with some limits. For example, it may be the best hotel in any country or among…

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The Hotels In East Africa
DAY 01: NAIROBI AIRPORT – HOTEL NAIROBI Meeting at the international airport Jomo Kenyatta representative, who will transfer you to a minivan. Refreshing towels with chilled mineral water. Transfer to…

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The hotel famous celebrities

France is the endless possibilities for travel and we not only offer group tours to France , individual tours, including a visit to the French Riviera (the calculation under request).

Cannes is a city of luxury yachts and celebrities

Cannes — the city of palaces and festivals, luxury yachts and snow-white fork, international celebrities and rising stars. Gorgeous beaches, fine dining and permanent holidays are combined here with “hunters” for celebrities and shoes Marc Jacobs latest collection.

The city of joy, walking and spending money, Cannes is a haven for high society around the world.

This is a must see

To see Cannes, climb up hill Bitch (Suquet), where is located the homonymous square. Here you will see wonderful views of the city and the coast.

The most famous street of Cannes – La Croisette. Previously, she was an ordinary country road and became known only in 1860 when it began to appear the first villas and hotels. La Croisette stretches along the Bay of Cannes from the prestigious casino “palm beach” Palais des Festivals – perhaps the most famous place in Cannes. Every spring, leading to the Palais des Festivals stairs of 24 steps,covered with red carpet on which the modern temple of art rises movie stars from around the world. To watch the procession – a parade of famous faces, evening dresses and luxury jewels in Cannes attracts thousands of fans of film and fashion. However, crowded not only during the famous film festival, but Cannes pyrotechnic festival, International advertising festival “Cannes lions” and many other international events.

During your stay in Cannes suggest that you visit the lérins Islands near Cannes, which can be reached by yacht or pleasure boat from Cannes to the Maritime station. Iles de Lerins are two Islands – the larger, Sainte-Marguerite, and the smaller Saint honoré.

Cafes, restaurants, Nightclubs

In Cannes there are restaurants of any culinary destinations and categories. The most exquisite and prestigious gastronomic institutions are located close to city California, and the modest restaurants and cafes in the areas of Le Suquet and Forville.

A specialty of the restaurant Les Bons Enfants is considered to be braised rabbit with rosemary. Lovers of fish dishes should definitely try the pickled herring.

Cozy Creperie La Creperie takes visitors from early morning, every day there are going to fans of flavored coffee and fresh pancakes. Fans of meat dishes will taste pancake pie, and the sweet tooth is to prefer pancakes with fruit toppings.

One of the city’s best Italian restaurants is considered Cinquanta Caffe, its menu includes all the popular dishes. The restaurant has its own wine cellar, to choose a suitable drink to special treats is not difficult. The La Cave restaurant resembles a classic Parisian bistro. There is always a calm and relaxed atmosphere, every day visitors are offered the original menu of the popular national dishes. There is the restaurant La Cave wine bar and great selection of drinks which will surprise even great connoisseurs of French wines.

Hall of the restaurant A La Maree is decorated in the style of past centuries, it is decorated with old paintings and antique furniture. Here love to relax fans of Haute cuisine.


La Croisette is known as the “Mecca” for lovers of shopping there are luxury shops and boutiques, where you can buy expensive clothes and shoes of famous brands, as well as items from the collections of famous French and Italian designers. Manage the street is a wonderful pedestrian zone similar to a small town, consisting of numerous shops and souvenir shops. Here there are pastry shops, where you can buy cakes and pastries, made according to old French recipes.

Nice source of inspiration…

Nice – a city of inspiration. Here liked to visit Hugo, Flaubert, Stendhal and Dumas. During the revolution of 1917 there was a good part of the Russian aristocracy.

In short, as in times of peace as well as difficult, the côte d’azur attracted those who needed a beauty as a source of creativity. Once in nice, easy to understand attractive force.

The most popular hotels

If You want to sit in the hotel on 1 of the coastline (across the road from the sea) – it’s worth staying at Palais de la Mediterranee 5*. If the sea for You is not so important stay in design hotel Exedra 5*. Interesting design, great Spa centre, elegant rooms Deluxe duplex with Jacuzzi. The highlight of the room: glass wall bathroom. If You want a 4* hotel, then we recommend La Perouse hotels and Le Meridien.

This is a must see

Amazing combination of French and Russian cultures, is the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in the city centre. Orthodox Church built here in the second half of the nineteenth century, the French consider it their national monument.

Another great place is the hill of the Chateau. Today, coming here, you get to the Park, which is nice to walk among the numerous trees. Strange stops the heart, when you remember that a few centuries ago, there was a castle, there lived people, received guests, and did not think about what once will be only trees and flowers.

There are also other great parks – the unique Park Phoenix. It is the Kingdom of exotic plants, birds, insects and fountains.

I must say that the special attractions of nice is the museums. To think only: the Matisse Museum, the Chekhov house, the Museum of Fine Arts, museums Rodin, Chagall, the Museum of archaeology. Enjoy the wealth of past centuries, you can apply to the present – the Museum of modern art, Contemporain dArt and dArt Modern. Attention, of course, also deserves the Theatre of photography and painting.

Cafes, restaurants, Nightclubs

You know the most popular fast food nice? Meet “Sokka”, a thin pancake with the taste of chickpeas fried in olive oil. Of “additives” – just salt and pepper. But the taste – yum. They are very tasty snack during the day.

Also you can try the other popular dishes of the region: the salad Nicoise, Ratatouille, stuffed zucchini (here they are called “Farsi “), the piste soup (with vegetables and beans).

The quarter of old nice literally framed by numerous restaurants and cafes, offering everything from local seafood to pizza, from a light lunch to a dinner in the style of French Haute cuisine.

The area near the famous flower market Cours Saleya is also famous for its excellent restaurants.

If you are a connoisseur of high cuisine and “put in his piggy Bank culinary Michelin restaurants”, then we recommend you to visit the Chantecler (a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars at the Negresco hotel) or L’univers-Christian Plimail (1 Michelin star) – hall of the restaurant is decorated with contemporary paintings and sculpture, even dishes hand painted. The restaurant menu is dominated by Mediterranean cuisine and the wine list – wines of the South of France.


If Paris is the world capital for fashion, then Cote d’azur is without a doubt its authorized representative. In nice there are not less than 7000 retail outlets, most of which are located in tourist areas of the city.

If you want luxury and elegance, then you should walk from place Massena on the streets of Verdun, Avenue Jean Medecin and Rue de France. The area has many pedestrian areas, which houses all the expensive trendy name brand stores.

Also a lot of interesting things can be found on the Avenue Republique. It is located next to the Palais des congrès Acropolis.

Promenade des Anglais — this is another great place for shopping. It’s 7 kilometres of various shops, bars and Resta V.

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