Vintage hotel "bed & Breakfast"
The accommodation "bed and Breakfast" Redcliffe, built in 1835, is located on an area of 5.5 hectares, on the border of the river Meredith. It offers a shared lounge, where…

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Most unusual hotels
The hotel room flashed before the eyes of a traveler, leaving no trace in memory. You can draw attention except for the presence or absence of any amenities. Most often…

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Burj Al Arab – the most luxurious and famous hotel

This hotel, known worldwide, is located in Dubai. Its name translates from Arabic as Arabic tower, but it looks a little like a tower. Its contours are similar to pressurized wind sail – this is the idea of architects. The hotel is built in five years and opened in 1999, its owner – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum is intended to make the city attractive to tourists something else besides oil. At the time, many feared economic collapse in the United Arab Emirates. With the construction of this hotel in Dubai began construction of the most exclusive resort on the entire planet, which today attracts rich tourists.

The hotel’s unique architecture

One wall of the hotel, the one that curves like a sail, made of white Teflon cloth. The hotel lobby is the biggest in the world, its height of ceiling is 180 meters. The architecture of this building is truly unique. To ensure construction safety during the design was built a small copy of the building frame, which is then tested for durability to winds in a wind tunnel. The opening ceremony was timed to the beginning of the 21st century, involving all the most wealthy of living of the inhabitants of the planet. Admittedly, many were shocked when observed its luxurious interior. For his jewelry designer ispolzovatsya rich materials like gold leaf, precious stones, marble, mahogany, leather, crystal and expensive fabrics, and in huge quantities. Continue reading

The most exclusive hotels in the world

We represent your attention a selection of the most exclusive and unusual hotels in the world .

Burj al Arab (UAE). The highest and most expensive hotel on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf. The building Burj al Arab with a height of 321 metres, built on the most advanced technologies according to the project of American architects, has only 28 floors. All 202 suites. All rooms are two-storey, and the smallest area — 170 sqm while the largest — 780 square meters In the rooms enormous floor to ceiling Windows with sea view and browse nearby panoramas.

For wealthy guests at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level is a landing pad for helicopters. The hotel has its own sandy beach on the Jumeirah Beach Resort.

The price per night varies from 1000 to 15 000 dollars, and the price of a night in Royal Suite is about 28 000. This is the first seven-star hotel in the world, and concurrently he is the symbol of Dubai. Continue reading

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Palace hotel Martinez is ideally located in the most beautiful area of Cannes. Its enduring silhouette has long dominates La Croisette, the most famous Avenue of Cannes and one of the most famous attractions of the côte d’azur. Framed by luxurious palm trees, La Croisette stretches along the beach and offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea. In any season, the beach and La Croisette serve as a meeting place for the inhabitants of Cannes, tourists and celebrities who come here to rejuvenate.


The hotel 412 rooms including 27 suites. The top floor of the hotel – “the Seventh sky” offers unique accommodation for VIP-guests. Here is situated the most luxurious suites, each of which has a terrace with panoramic views and equipped with the latest technology. Continue reading