Best hotels Cyprus 3 star
Excellent option for economical, but a pleasant stay. Consider rating the Cyprus hotels category "3 star", which received the best responses from our compatriots. Some 3 star hotels Cyprus deserves…

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Hotels with ghosts
Haunted hotels around the world enjoy great popularity. If you vacation is not only relaxing, but also an opportunity to get a thrill, you can go to one of the…

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Hotel complex – Abramtsevo

Hotel complex “Abramtsevo” is located in 56 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places of Moscow region . Quite a large area of the Park-hotel’s diverse landscape.

The upper level of the complex is located on the upper area of a beautiful hill . with a magnificent view of the valley of the river Vorya. Here are all the main buildings of the complex: the main building with hotel rooms and a restaurant . bar . pool . bath complex “Terme”, the town house of the Russian log house, divided into five blocks of accommodation, sports and children’s playgrounds .

The lower level is represented by two houses a hotel with 20 rooms and a covered barbecue area, which is located near the shores of Vori. The differential height relative to the upper terrace is about 30 metres. In any season, scenic Park paths, which connect the upper and lower area of the Park-hotel “Abramtsevo” will delight you and your children. The Park hotel Abramtsevo is a great place to start exploring the rich history and culture of this suburban region. Continue reading

The best hotels of France

1. Le Sanghri-La (Paris)

The former residence of the Prince, the Grand nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Sangri-La – a real Palace, located in the XVI district of Paris . This is one of the most luxurious hotels of Paris with one of the most stunning views over the city from the Windows at the same time with the modern style in architecture and decor. It is not surprising that the address of this hotel is among the 100 best hotels in the world.

2. Le Grand Hôtel Cap Ferrat (Cap Ferrat)

This hotel was built in the early 20th century at the tip of the Peninsula of cap-Ferrat (Cap Ferrat) on the Cote d’azur. The snow-white building towers over the Mediterranean sea around the pines and flowers. The Palace has been collecting awards and titles, including “Best Palace in the world 2011” and “Best Spa in Europe”.

3. Auberge du Cheval Blanc (Courchevel)

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TOP 10 haunted hotels

You don’t believe in ghosts? Then try to get a room in one of these hotels and maybe you have to change your mind.

Langham Hotel, London, UK

Fans to tickle nerves should first be sent to the UK – it seems that the majority of ghosts from around the world have decided to settle on this European island is to meet a Ghost there almost every old house. We have previously written about the English hotels haunted .

It’s not necessary to leave London: meet regularly with haunted guests five-star luxury capital Hotel Lanhham. Guests often see a gray-haired gentleman, dressed in the costume of the era of king Edward. Usually, he appears in room 333, but who is he and why can’t I find comfort, unknown.

Holt Hotel, Oxfordshire, UK

A lot of ghosts lives in the English countryside. Usually tourists come to Holt Hotel in Oxfordshire, in order to settle in one of the 86 comfortable rooms, some of which include a luxurious Jacuzzi, to look at the surroundings. However, some travelers are attracted ghosts. Continue reading