Unusual hotels in Amsterdam
When choosing a hotel in Amsterdam, to advise travelers can one of unusual hotels or hostels. Most often these institutions have interesting architecture and unique interior design of the rooms,…

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The most expensive hotels in the world
The list of hotels where the cost of one night is approximately equal to the annual budget of an average inhabitant of our planet. The Connaught, London Apartment in The…

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Acqualina Resort and Spa in Miami: top hotels of the world

Recreation is a basic need of every person. A full holiday with the most comfortable conditions, the possibility of expanding horizons and the right atmosphere can work wonders – include restarting processes of the body, you receive the necessary positive energy. After light adaptation upon return we can move mountains! Universal recipe of a perfect holiday doesn’t exist, however there is an iconic tourist routes and places, which are called Place to Be. It can be legendary hotels that became a national treasure of their country, or resort areas that have such specific features that make it worth travel. As they say in advertising, everything has a certain cost in terms of money, but the impressions will be invaluable.

Miami (Miami)

Located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida Miami (Miami) to America – the same thing that nice, Saint Tropez and Sardinia for Europe, that is more than just a resort, but a significant center of cultural and social life. The most developed tourist region of the U.S., Miami is tens of kilometers of white sand beaches, warm Atlantic waves and mild climate all year round. That is why bolshinstvom beautiful clips world and domestic stars shooting here. Continue reading