The best hotel deals in Valentine's Day
Nearing the most romantic day of the year – February 14. Best hotels in the world have prepared for this event a number of special programs in which give in…

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Unusual hotels in Amsterdam
When choosing a hotel in Amsterdam, to advise travelers can one of unusual hotels or hostels. Most often these institutions have interesting architecture and unique interior design of the rooms,…

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Senturia recommends: most unusual hotels

The company “Senturia”, a reliable guide in the world of travel and recreation that knows all about hotels around the world, presented an overview of the most unusual of the newly opened hotels.

At the airport of Doha (capital of Qatar) rich passengers will soon be able to get from the airport to your destination, it is not straining and keeping incognito.

The idea for this unusual project belongs to the architect Margot Krasojevic and created a hotel for one rich man. But in the near future opportunity will be available to all comers who are willing to pay a mind-boggling score for a personal designer bed with a roof, on wheels, with toilet and bath in a luxurious packaging.

The design of the hotel is exclusive and absolutely futuristic. The roof is designed in such a way that creates a kind of tunnel from the Trapp plane to the entrance of a fancy hotel. Passenger privacy is guaranteed.

The unusual feature of the hotel and to use innovative technologies and high-tech materials that allow the different sections of the hotel to move. Special glass rates create unusual visual effects. In addition, the project provides a system for collecting and filtering dodemaide. Continue reading

The hotel famous celebrities

France is the endless possibilities for travel and we not only offer group tours to France , individual tours, including a visit to the French Riviera (the calculation under request).

Cannes is a city of luxury yachts and celebrities

Cannes — the city of palaces and festivals, luxury yachts and snow-white fork, international celebrities and rising stars. Gorgeous beaches, fine dining and permanent holidays are combined here with “hunters” for celebrities and shoes Marc Jacobs latest collection.

The city of joy, walking and spending money, Cannes is a haven for high society around the world.

This is a must see

To see Cannes, climb up hill Bitch (Suquet), where is located the homonymous square. Here you will see wonderful views of the city and the coast. Continue reading