"Martinez" (Cote d'azur, Cannes)
The world famous Martinez hotel shortly after its opening in 1929 was among the best hotels in France. Here to stay like the stars of show business. Guests were Gerard…

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The best hotel deals in Valentine's Day
Nearing the most romantic day of the year – February 14. Best hotels in the world have prepared for this event a number of special programs in which give in…

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For the adventurous – known haunted hotels

Blue boy, a severed hand and a host of other horrors haunt of tourists in the historic hotels of great Britain.

A cold wind appeared out of nowhere, strange sounds, barely audible steps right behind them. Living conditions, which for one person will be chilling horror, another traveler will be great fun.

If you still don’t know to which of these two groups feel about, test yourself by visiting one of the hotels, which will be discussed later. The answer to the question of the night will come quickly enough, for example, when you hear the groans or the rattle of iron chains. And that’s not the worst…

The hotel Miskin Manor in Cardiff . the city – County UK, very suitable for lovers of ghosts. It is here that constantly heard the sound of footsteps, which, of course, can be explained by the usual creaking of the old floor. But how to explain that suddenly in a warm room the cold wind sweeps? Continue reading