Vintage hotel "bed & Breakfast"
The accommodation "bed and Breakfast" Redcliffe, built in 1835, is located on an area of 5.5 hectares, on the border of the river Meredith. It offers a shared lounge, where…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
"We have compiled a list of unique and unusual hotels from around the world . They can be found from Bavaria to Zanzibar. Go on a journey completely different from…

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Famous hotel in SINGAPORE

The island-the ancient monuments-the state I wanted to learn a long time ago, and many rave reviews only strengthened my view that Singapore is something absolutely unreal and amazing. And here, catch something very good tickets to Hong Kong, I decided that this is a great chance to realize my dream and attend the coveted Singapore transit from Hong Kong to Thailand. What I can say in the end? I’m incredibly pleased that on a transit visa in Singapore you can spend no more than 96 hours, i.e. 3 days and I have not had the opportunity to stay longer and spend more money in this, not to be very interesting.

Don’t even know what I did not like in Singapore . What if all the world famous and formidable laws banning chewing gum, feeding birds, sitting, lying and just being in the wrong place etc etc. here was not so clean and tidy, as you would imagine. Even when traveling from the airport on the collective transfer, when the driver, dropping off the first passenger several times asked again if they are here, we are impressed by its thoroughness. But after what appeared behind the corner the prostitute (and it’s broad daylight!), and behind it a bevy clearly not sober or under some tranquilizers locals, we understood the reason for his excitement. An elderly European couple clearly did not read something in pisanovskogo at that time they have managed to stay in one of the blighted areas . And that was the first shock, I then, naive, thought that Singapore may not be such places. Continue reading

Hotels with ghosts

Haunted hotels around the world enjoy great popularity. If you vacation is not only relaxing, but also an opportunity to get a thrill, you can go to one of the unusual hotels. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most sinister and frightening hotels in the world, stay in which can tickle even the most daring and brave guests. They say that it is ruled by ghosts. Learn about these hotels and decide to avoid you visiting or already in a hurry to leave the room. So, 10 hotels, terrifying:

The most interesting haunted hotels

1.Hotel haunted Chillingham Castle, in Chillingham, in the North of England, County Northumberland.

Originally the castle was of strategic importance, it was built to repel the onsets of the Scots during the reign of Edward I. Historically, that Chillingham became a place of suffering and torture. Here was hanged, beheaded and Zamorano hunger a lot of people. Tell scary Ghost stories, which are often seen in the castle a lot of people. In the end, the castle is often visited by the paranormal. Continue reading

Top best hotels in the world

Best hotels in the world — the concept is vague and is always defined with some limits. For example, it may be the best hotel in any country or among a number of stars, the best hotel for families or the best hotel in service. Thus, the best hotels and have common features.

Of course, the first thing you should pay attention to is the hotel class (number of stars). However, there are differences. In different countries this evaluation may vary considerably. For example Spain and France are renowned for the highest requirements to get stars here the assignment of the engaged state. But in Finland, the notion of stardom doesn’t exist. Hotels from the category of “best hotels in the world” of course always have the highest class, however, as already mentioned is not the most accurate indicator. It is very important the professionalism of the staff. The best hotels always have excellent staff and competing, coming up with unique services. Besides the best hotels, as a rule, keydata its own peculiarities, sure exclusive. This can be any unique service, breathtaking view from the window, a unique countryside location, etc. Continue reading