Most unusual hotels
The hotel room flashed before the eyes of a traveler, leaving no trace in memory. You can draw attention except for the presence or absence of any amenities. Most often…

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Famous hotel in SINGAPORE
The island-the ancient monuments-the state I wanted to learn a long time ago, and many rave reviews only strengthened my view that Singapore is something absolutely unreal and amazing. And…

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Arcadia Hotels in tel Aviv

Touring tel Aviv is always unique. The international cultural center and international heritage – the city that never sleeps. This is the home for all those who love the night life. It is the center of culinary delights and the official venue of the city’s many festivals and events, and organizing many other incredible events.

In tel Aviv many different and amazing shapes, the attractions are endless, and here anyone can find that special something to their liking. With regard to tourism in Israel, then this is the perfect place to relax by the sea in tel Aviv for tourists from Israel and around the world. If you are looking for a varied, colorful and energetic holiday on the red sea, carefree, tel Aviv is for you – the best option!

Enjoy the blue waters of the red sea…

The choice of accommodation in tel Aviv is tasked with one very important variable: how to choose a hotel near the sea? Of course, the undeniable advantage of tel Aviv is its magical coast. The beaches of tel Aviv is a place of pilgrimage for any tourist – incredible azure sea surrounds the entire city, enveloping it with fresh breezes and the scent of freedom. Thus, it is advisable to book a room in hotel overlooking the sea, and even better – the hotel in tel Aviv on the coast. Undoubtedly, tel Aviv hotelu sea has a lot of advantages to its guests. Continue reading

The best hotel deals in Valentine’s Day

Nearing the most romantic day of the year – February 14. Best hotels in the world have prepared for this event a number of special programs in which give in love what they lack most in our mad, mad world.

Romance of the far countries

The first item in the list of challenges today’s couples many put the lack of romance. So “life is not stuck”, go to travel . For example, in a beautiful city on the border of Europe and Asia – Istanbul .

For travelers choose a luxury hotel Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul’ (Ciragar Caddesi 32, Besiktas, Istanbul), was once home to the Sultan and high officials of the Ottoman Empire. Lovers here will offer Grand Deluxe rooms with views of the Bosphorus, dinner in the restaurant ‘Laledan’ and a tea ceremony in the famous tea town in the ‘Gazebo Lounge’.

For romance you can go to the edge of the world, in Africa. The hotel ‘The Westcliff’ (67 Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff, Johannesburg) in Johannesburg, guests will feel the breath of the Black continent. Recreation program in a colonial style includes served in the restaurant ‘La Belle Terrasse’ English Breakfast overlooking the green suburbs of Johannesburg . izyskannyi (be sure to try the signature lobster ravioli in a cream sauce with truffles), a bottle of chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for guests in a luxury room. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

“We have compiled a list of unique and unusual hotels from around the world . They can be found from Bavaria to Zanzibar. Go on a journey completely different from each other, 10 most bizarre hotels in the world . ”

Sand Hotel on Weymouth Beach

Let’s start our list with the most ephemeral of hotels worldwide — hotel from the sand on Weymouth Beach in England. Sand Hotel was built in a week by a team of specialists and consists entirely of sand, and best. Only been used 1 000 tons of this material. The high wall of the hotel reminds of the wall of the castle, with arches and towers.

The hotel offers a night under the stars, including a beautiful view of the sea. The only bad luck — the castle builders has not built a single toilet.

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