Opened an unusual hotel in the centre of Vienna
In the centre of the Austrian capital – Vienna, a few days ago, opened an unusual hotel Topazz, which is shaped like a big black cylinder. A distinctive feature of…

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THAILAND: tips, points of interest and the best hotels!
Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in South East Asia, located in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula and the Northern part of the Malay Peninsula.…

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Hotel Nikolaevskiy Rostov-on-don – cozy, like a house

Where to stay in Rostov-on-don? Today, the answer is no doubt: in the hotel “Nikolaev” . which was recently rated 4 stars. This implies high culture and quality of service, that’s why in “Nikolaev” stop the most famous guests of the city, pop stars . The hotel business is developing in the city, and our hotel is proof of that. It’s not just a comfortable hotel, it is a cozy house where you will feel welcome guests during your stay. We make sure that guests have not experienced even a minimal inconvenience.

The old mansion of the last century, which houses the hotel “Nikolaevskiy”, located in the historic centre of the city, surrounded by the same old interesting buildings. From here very close to the great don. Old building renovated according to modern requirements of interior design. High ceilings, spacious rooms, architectural decoration look luxurious in finish, made by fashionable technologies using modern materials.

The 18 rooms are different categories – and two-bedroom apartments, and standard rooms, and suites. Each room has all the little things that you might need on your trip, has all appliances, the apartment oborudovaniya. Servicing of rooms is done according to the world standards of hotel business: Breakfast, cleaning, change of linens, toilet and hygiene facilities. Continue reading

Hotels with ghosts

Haunted hotels around the world enjoy great popularity. If you vacation is not only relaxing, but also an opportunity to get a thrill, you can go to one of the unusual hotels. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most sinister and frightening hotels in the world, stay in which can tickle even the most daring and brave guests. They say that it is ruled by ghosts. Learn about these hotels and decide to avoid you visiting or already in a hurry to leave the room. So, 10 hotels, terrifying:

The most interesting haunted hotels

1.Hotel haunted Chillingham Castle, in Chillingham, in the North of England, County Northumberland.

Originally the castle was of strategic importance, it was built to repel the onsets of the Scots during the reign of Edward I. Historically, that Chillingham became a place of suffering and torture. Here was hanged, beheaded and Zamorano hunger a lot of people. Tell scary Ghost stories, which are often seen in the castle a lot of people. In the end, the castle is often visited by the paranormal. Continue reading

“Martinez” (Cote d’azur, Cannes)

The world famous Martinez hotel shortly after its opening in 1929 was among the best hotels in France. Here to stay like the stars of show business. Guests were Gerard Depardieu, ray Charles, Sean Connery, Laetitia Casta, Mariah Carey, Jodi foster and many other celebrities. This hotel is able to satisfy the most demanding audience. The rooms are finished in art Deco style, the restaurants offer the best dishes of French and Mediterranean cuisine.

Hotel Martinez is located on the Mediterranean sea, which is separated from the famous Croisette. He is known worldwide for its elegance and stylish interior . For many years the hotel is a benchmark on the French Riviera, combining beauty, harmony, comfort and the latest technology. First sight striking architectural beauty of its facade, over which not imperiously time. Covering an area of 40,000 square meters and towering above the sea on seven floors, the hotel is one of the most prestigious and luxurious in Europe.

In 2006 the hotel completed a renovation that has restored white facade and comfortable accommodation to its former splendor and elegance. Graceful Bay Windows and tiny balconies, a spacious loggia with slender columns and extending around an exotic garden with spreading trees and blagovaonicom sound into a harmonious ensemble with a thoughtful decoration of rooms. Continue reading