THAILAND: tips, points of interest and the best hotels!
Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in South East Asia, located in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula and the Northern part of the Malay Peninsula.…

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Most unusual hotels
The hotel room flashed before the eyes of a traveler, leaving no trace in memory. You can draw attention except for the presence or absence of any amenities. Most often…

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Hotels with ghosts

Haunted hotels around the world enjoy great popularity. If you vacation is not only relaxing, but also an opportunity to get a thrill, you can go to one of the unusual hotels. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most sinister and frightening hotels in the world, stay in which can tickle even the most daring and brave guests. They say that it is ruled by ghosts. Learn about these hotels and decide to avoid you visiting or already in a hurry to leave the room. So, 10 hotels, terrifying:

The most interesting haunted hotels

1.Hotel haunted Chillingham Castle, in Chillingham, in the North of England, County Northumberland.

Originally the castle was of strategic importance, it was built to repel the onsets of the Scots during the reign of Edward I. Historically, that Chillingham became a place of suffering and torture. Here was hanged, beheaded and Zamorano hunger a lot of people. Tell scary Ghost stories, which are often seen in the castle a lot of people. In the end, the castle is often visited by the paranormal. Continue reading

Hotels from famous movies

Fever for the award “Oscar” is in full swing, so we decided to tell you about the hotels, which became known worldwide after shootings in films. In fact, the hotel is only a decoration, but many of them add picture, not only the charm but also mysteriousness of what is happening. No wonder many Directors often use hotels as one of the hero — silent but understanding.

The hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, USA

“In jazz only girls”

The island on which it is built, this hotel is considered to be a respectable suburb of San Diego. This is the area for filming his film has chosen the famous Director Billy Wilder. Built in 1888 the hotel “Del Coronado” has long been considered the best beach hotel of America!

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